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Rev. Benson Kuira Senior Pastor


  • Welcome to our Hymnal afternoon on 5 th April from 3pm to 5pm dubbed the hymn of salvation.
  • MBC Prayer Service happens every Thursday 6pm-8pm at the Youth Sanctuary.
  • Ropes classes happening every Sunday from 10:15-11:15am at the TV room
  • Man Enough, 8 week Program is always on Sunday from 7am – 9am
  • Ezer Season 4, a 10 week experience that seeks to empower women to understand true femininity is always on every Saturday from 7:30am – 9:30am
  • LIFE GROUP Bible Sturdy in progress, for all the youth.
  • Vipawa Music Classes are on, every saturday 10 am-12 noon at MBC. Charges are Kshs. 2000 per month. Contact Dan Kahia 0726749476
  • Membley Baptist Christian school registration is on-going. You are welcome to enroll your child. For more information contact Felistar on 0720705661
  • Membley Baptist church Bank,
    – HFC bank, Pay bill No. 911311 or 100400, account no. 7040002527
    – National Bank, Pay bill No. 625625, account no. 01021085782000

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2020 Theme:The Year of the Lords Redemptive Establishment

Series:Redeeming Finances

Speaker: Mwangi Theuri

Sunday 22nd March 2020.


Matthew 19: 16 – 30

The young rich man lacked nothing, yet was troubled. He ran to Jesus & fell before Him. He came to the one who is the eternal life. Encountered the giver of life. The Way, the Truth & Life.

His question: What good thing must I do to gain eternal life?

This was a desire of all Jews.

Jesus replied: Sell all & follow me….

But was the young rich ruler really ready to take the actions by Christ?

The price of material wealth was so strong for eternal life. He was not ready to loose his earthly possessions & status. He walked away with a burden, grieved, miserable. He was unwilling to make Jesus his treasure☹️!

Difficulties of money or earthly possessions (vs 23-24). It denies you true encounter with Christ & eternal life.

So who then can be saved, if it’s this difficult?

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”(Matthew 19:26)

No one can save himself or through his skills, money, good looks, etc. Salvation is not by our good works. Salvation is from God. It is a gift from God.

In light of the encounter with the rich man Peter asked Jesus (Vs 27).

“See, we have left all and followed You. Therefore what shall we have?” (Matthew 19:27).

As Christians we also ask such questions.

What is in it for us, now & the future, who have left all, believed in Christ? Are the worldly troubles our reward? Will you heal us when we are sick, in need, etc?

Response is in vs 29. God promises rewards: The promise of eternal life. Reign with Christ. Also a reward in present life/age.

– God will give you joy even when persecuted.
– Love for your enemies.
– Generous giving having also received.
– Reward of hospitality that can not be repaid.
– Endurance in midst of pressure.
– Ability to do good works.
– Faithfulness.

We will share in God’s glory on His return (Revelation).

We are called to share in His suffering that we may also share in His Glory.

Serving God is previlege. It’s much more than service, or duty, or reward. It is a previlege. The cost of eternal life is grace & gift of God.

The Lord Jesus is the exceeding, greatest reward ever. The young rich man missed this reward due to his strong desire for richess.

In current situation of uncertainty, the only true hope is Christ Jesus.

Colossians 3: 12-14- this is a charge of true Christian living. Above all put on LOVE.

Let’s share Jesus Christ as the only true solution to current worldly troubles. Let’s ask God to help us to return back to Him. For Go to revive us.

May the Lord stop the plague & troubles, heal the people, restore our land.

God bless.


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