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Rev. Benson Kuira Senior Pastor


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2020 Theme:The Year of the Lords Redemptive Establishment


Speaker:Rev Benson Kuira

Sunday 31st May 2020.


Bible Verse: James 3

The book of James is a wisdom book. It cautions that there is stricter judgement for teachers or those in position of influence for any acts of ommisions or commissions. Read also Luke 12: 47-48.


Teachers are entrusted with knowledge. To whom much is given, much is expected of them.

Teaching is a gift of Holy Spirit. It is part of the- 5 fold Ministry (Eph 4: 14): Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, Teachers. Like the small finger, the teacher goes very deep, can reach areas not easily accessed.

Why do many people desire to be teachers?
– It is a noble profession
– one has deep knowledge
– For dignity & status
– Recognition as it is a public service

James puts warning to us on how to be good teachers. A teacher should interpret the word of God in prayer, put it in context & present it to the people. God judges us according to our level of Knowledge.

1 Tim 4: In today’s world & current situation, there is a high risk of some teachers going out of true teaching & prophecy. Spiritual fitness is thus essential.

How do you tell about true teaching & prophesy?

In past, God spoke through prophets. Today, He speaks through His Word, the Holy Spirit & His Son Jesus Christ.

1. The Word of God is the test of any teaching or prophesy. Anything out of this is false teaching/prophecy.

2. Test of time: does the prophecy come to pass?

3. Prophesies are very specific including location and time

Test any current teachings and prophecies for truth.


James 3 goes on to teach about controlling your tongue.

If you can control your tongue, you are perfect!

The tongue is a measure of Christian maturity.

A word spoken can not be recalled. Hence wisdom is needed before one speaks anything.

Words can encourage or discourage, build or break, heal or harm.

Someone’s opinion is not a declaration of who you are. Only God has the true opinion of us.

Who then can tame the tongue? What’s the test of truth? Three questions before you speak:

1. Is it true?
This is about confirmation of the reports, repeatability.

2. Is it kind?
Will it build the other person?

3. Is it necessary?
Do I really have to say it?

We bless and curse with the same tongue. Life and death is in power of the tongue (Proverbs 18: 21).

Wisdom is a critical quality of a good teacher. A teacher should be wise and understanding. Should know not only what to say but also how to say it. Confidentiality is key for a teacher.

We can differentiate between two types of wisdom:

1. Human/Worldly Wisdom
Motive: Envy, selfishness, pushes others down, orini is the devil

Outcome: Disorder, is divisive, confusion, unruly, overly competitive.

It is derived from selfish desires that come from the devil.

2. Heavenly Wisdom
Origin: From the Holy Spirit

Outcome: Pure, no ulterior motives, submissive, considerate. Leads to cooperation and unity.


Matthew 12: 36-37: God will hold us accountable for every idle word spoken. We need to demonstrate wisdom by what we do. We need to be not only hearers but also doers of the Word.

Speak life, encouragement, hope, healing, and blessing even during this time of Covid-19.

God bless


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