October Sermon Series

Many of us look at our children as they grow up and deep down at some point we fear if they will follow the footsteps we have walked in following Christ and also whether they will pass the same faith to their children,

It’s a believer’s nightmare for their child to come and break the news that they are moving on to a new faith or they are marrying someone from another faith.

At times I wonder what goes through the minds of parents of young people who publicly profess atheism, if they are believers, do the news devastate them when its broken to them.

It is every parents joy when their children are growing in love for God and for others as they grow in submission to the lordship of Christ. But we know this many times is not so.

We see this joy in Paul as he speaks about Timothy’s faith which could be traced to Lois his grandmother and Eunice his mother,

From these three saints we can learn a lot about making our faith generational.

From Lois and Eunice, we learn about sincere faith of a parent that influences the child to accept Christ and grow to be an apostle, teacher, prophet, evangelist and pastor to the glory and honour of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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