14th Nov 2021 – Discipline of Discipleship Sermon by Deacon Jorum ~ A Call to Discipleship Series

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Luke 14: 25 – 35
Jesus cautions those following him on what discipleship is all about. It’s not about the crowd/following but the sacrifice.
Mathew 28 is about the Great Commission- sending the 11 apostles to go out and make disciples all over the world.
The purpose of the Great Commission is about Christ’s authority over all.
We can not make disciples unless we are also disciples!
Whereas many followed Christ, many did not believe in Him. Several turned back on Him (John 6: 60- 66).
Requirements of discipleship
1. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ
Message of the cross is offensive for those who want religious order or just being church goers.
– We must deny self and follow Christ.
– There is no life outside Jesus Christ
– We must believe in Jesus Christ
– We can only witness when we ourselves Believe.
– Know that Jesus Christ is sent from God (John 17: 3)
2. We must deny self
Deny self and earthly things. Take up your cross and follow me.
– Shift allegiance from all things to Christ.
– Without this allegiance, we can not be true witnesses of the Gospel.
Be a Christian that lives life as we preach the same. Our actions should reflect our confession.
What kind of a Christian are you?
3. Count the cost
– A builder must estimate cost of the structure before starting construction
– An army must prepare well for any assault
Likewise we need to know what it will cost us to follow Christ.
Mathew 13: 44- 49 gives illustrations on paying a price.
What are we ready to loose now to earn eternity? It may be a job, a business deal, a friend, family.
It’s not about cheap publicity to be a follower of Christ. It will cost us.
How we live as believers is a cost to another person. Either they see Christ in us and yearn for eternal life or our lives pushes them away to death.
We are letters written to the world (2 Corinthians 3:2-3)
What is the reflection of Christ in our lives?
Call to action:
A call for disciples calls on us to believe in Christ, requires us to deny self, to count the cost.
As we are called to service, we must first be true disciples.
God bless.