Baggage on the family tree

The family of origin is the place that people are socialized to become who they are. This is where their worldview is formed and this is also where patterns are passed on from one generation to the other. From the family of origin a person learns how tocommunicate, processemotions, and get their needs met. They also learn values along with negative patterns and cultures.

We need to understand that the family is a system that has structures, subsystems, history and patterns that define and affect the individual. The scriptures clearly indicates a number of genealogies mentioned in Genesis, Numbers, 1st and 2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Matthew and Luke. Readers often skim through these parts, while in essence they contain information that teach us how God used a wide diversity of individuals throughout history, some of whom had varied integrity and yet were still used by God in the lineage of Jesus.

In our learning today and for the next couple of weeks we will seek to

  • Draw our family tree – genogram
  • identify, uncover generational patterns in our family of origin
  • trace the consequences over time and
  • experience personal healing and growth that only comes from our Savior Jesus Christ.

A person can learn to map out family patterns by drawing a detailed family tree otherwise known as a genogram. A genogram (typically across three generations) gives information on family structures and shows the relationships between family members. It highlights the patterns that have been transmitted from one generation to the next. One can then begin to explore the reasons that certain issues may have developed and possibly come to understand the reasons behind certain choices, beliefs, and events in their families. Working through family issues can help one overcome fears, pursue goals, achieve a sense of peace, experience complete healing and be set free.


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