Membley Baptist Church | Kingdom Habits: PRAISE by Rev Benson Kuira – 30th January 2022

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II Chronicles 20: 1- 30
We continue with the expositions on KINGDOM HABITS anchored on the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.
We have learnt about the following habits: PRAYER and PLANNING. Today we learn about habit of PRAISE.
II Chronicles 20 is an account of King Jehoshaphat King of Judah.
Jehoshaphat had his own faults but he honoured God. Deep down his heart he had a place for God. He was an orderly leader.
His kingdom was about to be attacked by a ‘multitude’ of an army. He was fearful.
Fear is a natural behaviour in times of trouble. But he chose to seek the Lord. He proclaimed a fast within Judah.
What do you do in a crisis?
A multitude can be a tough situation coming in our lives (sickness, job loss, bereavement, business loss).
We need external intervention to address the ‘multitude’/situation.
– Some share their situations on social media
– Others complain and blame
– Others seek people to help
But Jehoshaphat focused on God. In vs 4 he focused on prayer and fasting.
Our attacks start in the spiritual realm, then it becomes a physical problem. We thus need to address the matter from the spirit first!
Dedication of our works to God is important to win the spiritual battles that are manifested in the physical.
– Going in prayer and fasting brings unity (Vs 13).
– There are battles waiting to be won in prayer.
– Humility is key in prayer and worship (Vs 18)
– Focus on who God is. Remind God of His promises. His power. His ability.
The spirit of praise attracts God to intervene in the situation.
Prophetic word (Rhena Word) is received while in prayer. Rhema is God’s revelation in our lives/situation. Rhema Word must be consistent with the Word of God.
Let us have a habit to Praise/Worship God before our solution.
Psalms 34 is about going in worship of God.
Praise magnifies God. God does not change. It’s our perspective of God that changes when we praise Him. We are able to see and connect with God better.
Whoever offers praise glorifies Me; And to him who orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God (Psalms 50:23 NKJV).
When we praise God, the problem shifts from being yours to God’s.
The battle belongs to the Lord. God bless



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