Set Free to Worship

Scripture: Ezra 1 & 2

In the first Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt God sent Moses to Pharaoh saying “1And the LORD spake untoMoses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me. “Exodus 8:1

Return from Babylon is the 2nd Exodus of the children of Israel , God used Prophecy through Jeremiah was fulfilled

“1Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth ofJeremiahmight be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying,2Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, The LORD God of heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth; and he hath charged me to build him an house atJerusalem, which is inJudah.3Who is there among you of all his people? his God be with him, and let him go up toJerusalem, which is inJudah, and build the house of the LORD God ofIsrael, (he is the God,) which is inJerusalem. “Ezra 1:1-3

In the first Exodus the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh , he would not listen, b


In 2nd Exodus God stirred up the spirit of Cyrus King of Persia to let His people go.

The heart of the King is in the Lords hand Proverbs 21:1

God sets us free from bondages/ captivity so that we may worship

If we seek Him in prayer, God honoring character and praise

We will find Him faithfull and true.


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